Par Hasard

Association des paralysés de France

French association for paralyzed individuals

White walls, a brand new building. The perfect canvas to make our fingers and brushes play along. Five paintings based on the theme of the early explorers were performed to illustrate the names of the activity rooms of this new accommodation center provided with medical car for handicapped adults.


par hasard

Olivier Charland and Cécile Gariépy make images that both move, and don’t. After working at ValléeDuhamel and Sagmeister & Walsh (Olivier) and directing films at Les Enfants (Cécile), they launched their own design studio, Par hasard, in Montreal. The studio produces images, spaces, and videos with a handmade, minimalist and lively aesthetic.

They are also pretty good at mini-golf, but that's another story.

Par Hasard


160 St-Viateur E. #221
Montreal, Qc, Canada
H2T 1A8



Aldo Group
Business Development Bank of Canada
Capitol Music Group (BECK)
Mott’s (CRUSH)
RedBull Music Academy
Zone3 (DiStasio)


We are not currently looking for interns.

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Johan Chaneac

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